Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I00354

Robust Intensity -

Produced by Boort Estate in Victoria, one of the world's largest single estate olive groves, this aromatic example of early harvest Picual displays complex flavors of green tomato and stone fruit. Very high in Monounsaturated Oleic!

Polyphenols : 352 ppm*
Peroxide: 4.8*
Oleic Acid: 80.2*
FFA: 0.15*
DAGs: 97*
PPP: <0.2*

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 6.3 Bitterness: 3.0 Pungency: 4.0

Crush Date: MAY 2017

Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA

*As measured at time of crush



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